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Spinal Health

Back pain is the second most commonly seen ailment in the United States. However, most people are seeking effective alternatives to surgery and a gentile low risk approach to spinal care.
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Chiropractic Benefits

At our facility patient comfort is our top priority, and we want your visit to be enjoyable and successful. Treatments are personalized and administered while you’re fully clothed. Gowns are provided when circumstances are deemed necessary.
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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is a pain-free alternative that has shown a very high rate of success at reducing or even eliminating difficult neck, back, arm and leg pain.
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Dr. VincentNunziata

Dr. Vincent Nunziata was a registered nurse by the age of twenty and he enjoyed a rotation experience through the C.C.U., I.C.U, cardiac telemetry, medsurg and the Emergency room. These experiences gave him the opportunity to observe a wide variety of illnesses, which he relies on to aide in identifying and diagnosing the conditions that present in his office and to refer patients out to specialists when necessary.
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Mission Statement

Most people will experience back pain at some time during their life. Back pain is ranked as the second leading cause of lost work time. The spine is a fascinating and complex system that permits flexibility, strength and controlled force distribution. Due to the complex nature of the spine, effective treatment should be on injury prevention, good biomechanics, core postural strength and a posture program. Essentially a treatment approach should be tailored to each patient. Lumping people together in a “disc case” treatment plan will get inconsistent results. Only by correcting as many factors as possible can a patient expect the best outcome. My goal is for long term pain relief, injury prevention and return to an active life style.
My goal is for long term pain relief, injury prevention and return to an active life style.

Learn more about our Spinal Decompression procedure

Spinal decompression information. Our Chiropractic facility incorporates the most effective treatment available today to help our patients live a pain free and active life. Spinal decompression is a new effective treatment for the management of lower back conditions such as neck and lower back disc problems, arm and leg pain, and spinal stenosis. Proper healing for these conditions, and other conditions treatable by the doctor, often requires continued care even after the relief of obvious symptoms. The majority of patients will feel an improvement immediately.

We believe Spinal Decompression Therapy
to be the most advanced, non-surgical
and pain-free alternative.

We are so confident in this treatment we offer you the following. New patients requesting an evaluation for spinal decompression will be given an exam, and will not be charged if deemed not a candidate.

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Spinal Decompression

With proper patient selection spinal decompression can provide a safe and comfortable resolution to challenging spinal conditions.

Hands-on Chiropractic Manipulation

The spine is a series of bones and joints that allows motion and protects the nervous system. Proper alignment and function of the spine provides the basic building block for good health. Good health is the main ingredient for happiness and success.

Trigger-point Therapy

Trigger-point Therapy removes waste products manufactured and trapped inside muscles which can result in more than just pain. Eliminating Trigger Points can permit proper muscle length and function.

Soft Tissue / Muscle Manipulation

Painful and tight muscles can lead to a chronic malfunction that equates to more than simply being in pain. These maladies can disturb body movement and walking patterns that can be very impacting. Soft tissue and muscle manipulation can return normal function and help you feel amazing again.

Myofascial Release Techniques

Fascial membranes are strong fibrous sheet bands that are often overlooked by most health care practitioners but not by Chiropractors or physical medicine practitioners who know all too well how important and far reaching their effects can be. Myofascial Release Techniques can provide sometimes instant relief to acute and chronic pain syndromes.

Dietary Counseling

You are not only-what you eat-but what your food eats. Nutrition and Biochemistry is one of the most complex sciences. If you are interested in your health and longevity look first to your diet. Dietary advice is always part of our practice goals.

Physiotherapy / Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation provides a treatment to help normalize muscle tone, length and function.

Pain Management

Pain Management is the study of identifying the source and addressing the relief of pain. My focus of Pain Management is always with natural safe methods.


Ultrasound is a device that emits a sound wave that cannot be heard (and often not felt) that has deep penetrating properties. The depth a therapy can penetrate body tissue is a measuring stick for its potential to produce an effect. Therapeutic Ultrasound is deeply penetrating and very effective in relieving pain, edema and decreasing healing time.

Hot / Cold Therapy

The correct application of Hot and Cold Therapy has a wide and useful application in acute and chronic injuries.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation is the restoration of proper function. In our office rehabilitation of weak muscles, poor walking patterns, and poor biomechanics are always addressed to assist patients to recovery and prevent future injury.

Stop Smoking Program

Our office provides a stop smoking program that is effective at a reasonable price. We are proud of the results and the many happy people who have been able to quit. Cigarette smoking is recognized as the single most common preventable toxin in a person’s life.


Insurance Accepted

“If you have any questions regarding insurance, please call (718) 331-2667
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    • HIP

    • Cigna

    • Workers Compensation

    • No Fault

    • Unitedhealthcare AARP Complete

    • Unitedhealthcare Essential Plan

    • Oxford

    • Emblemhealth

    • Healthfirst

    • Aetna

    • 1199 National Benefit Fund

    • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield

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    • Medicare

    • The Empire Plan

    • Unitedhealthcare





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